We have had the pleasure of detailing another fantastic BMW M4 in our studio we tend to detail quite a lot of these iconic European muscle cars that means in turn we get a lot of enquiries for this type of service.

This car needed a lot of machine polishing to remove swirl marks, scratches and holograms, we washed and decontaminated the entire car before moving it into our dust free sterile car detailing studio.

The paint on this car needed a 3-stage machine polish using a rotary and the Rupes Bigfoot polishing machines to do all the correction work and used specially selected polishes to achieve the very best results, we then panel wiped the paintwork down with a selected panel wipe ready for the application of the coating.

The customer had selected our Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra package for the best possible protection and a 9-year guarantee (This is only available for Accredited Detailer use only) we also coated the wheels in C5 Wheel Armour, all interior leather seating coated in L1 (Leather Guard), and all plastic trim in C4 permanent trim.

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