This VW Golf GTI came in for a Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer coating followed by Exo for the ultimate hydrophobic effect and also received a 5-year guarantee.   One of my clients bought a new car and wanted it protecting long-term with easier maintenance so he can spend more time enjoying his pride and joy.   The results of having a Gtechniq ceramic coating  is amazing and the water just beads off the surface even contaminants wash off with ease.  You can be rest assured that when you bring your car along to our studio it is left to a professional who takes great care and pride in their work.   Take a look at the gallery section bellow and see the results that this coating has, the gloss level and slickness is truly outstanding.  Contact us today and find out more about our car detailing services and what we can offer you.

The Golf GTI needed a two stage machine polish to remove the defects in the paintwork before receiving the Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer and Exo for the ultimate finish.

VW Golf GTI Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer.