Jaguar XF

This brand new Jaguar XF was delivered to us straight from the dealership was asked not to wash the car before it was released to us.
After all the preparation work had been done it was brought into the studio for a full inspection before any work was carried out. The Jaguar XF needed a two stage machine polish to remove some light scratches and abrasions in the paintwork. After all the polishing had been done the cars paintwork was panel wiped down in preparation for the next stage.
After all the work had been done on the Jaguar XF all the exterior paintwork was coated in Gtechniq crystal serum and Exo forming CS Black. All wheels were coated C5 Wheel Armour, all glass sealed with G1 Clear Vision and the full interior treated to I1 Smart Fabric and L1 Leather Guard.
After all the work was completed the car was then taken back to the dealership were the customer collected his car the following day.
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