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The Jaguar XE came in for the glass coating detailing package, the car needed a two-stage machine polish to remove light swirl marks and minor scratches from the paintwork.

After doing the paint correction work on the Jaguar XE it was time to move onto the next stage, to refine the paintwork even more to our prestigious standards.   The next stage is time critical when applying the special glass coating to the cars paintwork.  Room temperature conditions are of the upmost importance when applying this coating.

The glass coat finish is a specialist product and can only be applied by a professional who knows what he is doing.  I have detailed lots of cars over the years and find that lots of my customers have chosen our unique glass coating for their vehicles.

This product protects the cars paintwork long-term and also creates the ultimate mirror finish that makes the car stand out from the rest.  Here you will see the pictures of the Jaguar XE from start to finish and what can be achieved when you bring your car along to us at Top Car Detailing.

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